A WellDrive customer, who is a prominent operator in the Eagle Ford, was interested in selling their wells to another operator, who also happened to be a WellDrive customer. This would have created a ton of work for any other operator. However, with WellDrive, all the data was already in a secure, easily accessible location for the potential new owner to view.

WellDrive made the transition from the original owner to the new owner seamless. When the wells again were later sold again, WellDrive made the transition to the third owner an easy, smooth process. Each time, the original owner’s access was removed and the new owner had full access to the well data immediately. The data never had to be moved, was available to the buying party as part of a VDR, was always secure, and the well history was completely preserved. 

The entire operations team was able to spend their time working the data as opposed to looking for it.