When Encino Energy bought the Utica Asset from Chesapeake in 2018, they were given three months to ensure they got all the well data for almost 1,000 wells and 140,000 files. WellDrive reviewed everything that Encino was given from Chesapeake. After a few days, WellDrive categorized everything and learned that Encino was missing approximately 120 wells.

After alerting Encino Energy, the additional well data was located by Chesapeake and delivered to Encino. Soon after, WellDrive informed Encino that they were missing almost all of the completion data. Once again, Chesapeake found the missing data and delivered it to Encino.

Simultaneously, WellDrive began capturing all of the field data on the two rigs and ongoing completions that Encino inherited. In fact, this action is the flagship product of WellDrive’s platform and service called WellDrive COMPLELTE – real-time building of a well file system, complete with chasing down all the data, validating it, storing it, and distributing it both internally and to investing partners.