WellDrive Identifies 50%
of Data is Missing from
an 84-Well Acquisition

Project clean-up also eliminates 3,400 duplicate files and 1,600 empty folders.

Texas American Resources Company (TARC) is an oil and gas company growing its footprint in the Eagle Ford shale through acquisitions while also developing its existing acreage through the drill bit. TARC faced several challenges before teaming up with WellDrive:

Problem #1: Shared Folders and Inboxes are Terrible Data Repositories

Like most operators, TARC grew frustrated with the drawbacks of shared folders and using email instead of an actual data repository. Files tended to go missing, data was misplaced, empty folders and duplicate files were everywhere, and no version control left departments scrambling (See Figure 1 below.) The available data files were unorganized and inaccessible to those who needed them. A centralized, flexible solution was needed.

Solution #1: Centralized Solution

WellDrive provided a solution that included our secure servers – effectively a private, cloud-based, centralized solution. It allowed immediate capture and storage of drilling data and associated files, paired with a Q.C. process to identify and track down incomplete or altogether missing data from service companies. After implementation, all employees needing access to drilling and completion data had instant access on their work computer, home computer, tablet, or phone.

Figure 1: Shows a representative well file where data folders were present but the expected data was missing.

Problem #2: Getting Data to Working Interest Owners is a Time-Consuming, Manual Process

Data distribution to working interest owners was complicated and sometimes even chaotic. Wrangling these processes costs valuable time for several staff to manage, and if the data doesn’t make it to a partner, a call would come in. A solution was needed to collect drilling & completion data in an organized way regularly, automatically distribute it, and make it continuously available to authorized parties.

Solution #2: Hands-Free Data Distribution

No more managing distribution lists or using email as a database-by-default. WellDrive ensured all working interest owners had access to their respective data 24/7. Ensuring data was sent to the correct recipients no longer fell to the busy people in operations. Now, data is automatically captured and distributed in an organized way, making it searchable and available anywhere, anytime, to any authorized user.

Problem #3: Acquisitions Often do not Include All the Well Data

When problems plague a team, there is usually a willingness to live with it for a while. For TARC, the change was precipitated by the acquisition of an asset with 84 wells from another operator. As they tried to review the data, TARC quickly realized that instead of quickly finding the data they were looking for, they were wasting time due to so many empty folders and missing data files. (See Figure 2.)

Solution #3: Flexible Data Solution – Easy In, Easy Out

Data can easily be transferred between owners with WellDrive. If TARC decides to sell any assets, that data would easily be transferred to the new owner, reducing man hours to prepare the data and maximizing the return on the asset. Conversely, for future asset acquisitions, WellDrive can quickly identify missing data within a time-frame that allows for retrieving the data from the divesting company before it’s too late.

Figure 2: Spreadsheet showing missing information from various sources. Yellow indicates folders where some data was present, and red indicates folders were present, but data was missing entirely.


During the onboarding process from an 84-well acquisition, WellDrive identified:

      • 12,000+ files
      • 3,400 duplicate files
      • 1,600 empty folders

TARC realized they had acquired less than 50% of the drilling and completion data that they were expecting. Since they were past the normal 90-day window, it was too late to retrieve the missing data, but now systems are in place to know exactly what they currently have and identify what may be missing in the next acquisition.

Well file data for current operations is completely managed by WellDrive. All data files are captured, checked, stored, and distributed to everyone who needs them, including employees, service companies, and working interest owners. When TARC is ready to sell, all the well files are already sale-ready!

“I gave WellDrive a hard drive containing 84 wells from a recent acquisition. They provided an audit of the data, and we learned that we ended up with less than 50% of the data we were expecting. Although we are now unable to go back and get the missing data, at least we know what we have to work with and can easily find the data that is present. WellDrive took weeks what it would have taken us months, or even years, to iron out.”

 – Reggie Crawford, Director of I.T., Texas American Resources