HOUSTON, TX – June 11, 2024

President Derek Garland recently had the opportunity to join Jay R. Young on his latest podcast episode and share the value that WellDrive brings to King Operating Corporation. Thank you to Jay and guest co-host Jordan Soto for the engaging conversation!

In this episode of the Jay Young Show, Jay Young and Jordan Soto host Derek Garland, President of Well Drive, to discuss the innovative solutions Well Drive provides for managing unstructured data in the oil and gas industry. They highlight the transition from physical boxes of data to digital storage, the challenges of change management, and the use of AI to unlock data’s value. Derek shares insights on breaking down data silos, future plans for Well Drive, and advice for young entrepreneurs. The episode concludes with a special offer for Well Drive’s existing clients and an emphasis on the importance of a multidisciplinary team.

To learn more about how WellDrive works with Oil & Gas Operators to get the right well data, to the right people, right when they need it, email us at kharbuck@welldrive.com.


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